Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Katrina Kaif Femdom

Would u like it if sheila would step on ur miserable cock and dominate you??

Yeah bitch , i can already see u drooling all over my sexxy thigh high boots. Just Imagine them on ur pathetic manhood. A successful goddess like me with a pathetic slut like you , i'll kick u outta my way bitch Or u can be my piggy slut. Are u ready for the Katrina Kaif's Slave test.?

Test 1 :Now kneel to the ground . Keep your head underneath my left heel. and im going to stuff the toher heel in your mouth and 2 condoms i used in ur nose so that u can breath only when i lift my heel. You breathe when i want u to breathe. u Have to hold Your breath for 5 mins Atleast.
Test 2 : Im goin to walk this ramp and before i do , here's a toothbrush , u have to clean this whole ramp scrub each part with the toothbrush.. sounds easy? No hands bitch , thery're gonna be tied to ur balls which dont worry is locked by a chastity belt
im gonna give u bonus round after succesful completetion of 2 tests. Here's bonus round no. 1 : i Give u 2 mins slave. Kiss my heels however much u want.
now enough.. i got work to do...Get lost and clean my toilet till im back. Dont forget the toothbrush. And remember to brush with it after ur done.
Im home bitch , snap my fingers.. you know your position. Get to the floor infront of those steps.
Now slowly remove my heels and give me a foot massage. I've had a loong day shooting for my new movie. U slut , do it politely and getnly. Ill murder u with these feet otherwise. Oh you'd love that wont you. Wat a pathetic looser.
Test no. 3 : Before i accept you as my slave u have to pass a test with my secretary. go now hurry up..run bitch!
Hey slave , Godess katrina must have sent u. Yeah i call her godess too. In our view she should own the world. every man should die to kiss her feet. anyway , u shuld please me now to get to her aint it ? so ur life is in my hands now. Im a ver choosy women bout her slaves. So u better do well. i want u to do 100 push ups and everytimeu go down u have to kiss my heels. Begin before i get the whip out.
Good bitch , Stop . That was good. My answer is yes! u are really good at being a loser ., Haha!
Off u go slut...hurry up , amd here's ur reccomendation letter from me.
So she passed u huh ?? Next test : Everytime i get out of my car , EVERYTIME , u will be lyin down there waiting for me to step on u. my feet should not touch the road. if they do , ur out and its over.
Bonus round : good slave , ur doin welll in completelyin your tests... Lick my legs uptill my ankle. Dare not even think bout goin further. IM gonna enjoy this yatch and soon a real man is gonna come and satisfy me , not a pathetic dick like you.
Work time bitch . Get ur toothbrush out ;)
Whenever i come back from the gym everyday , u will remove my sneakers and place them on ur nose untill i say anythin further . If im really pleased with ur duties , i will let u spend the night with my socks. Ofcourse u'll be lokced in the chasity for ur entire future life.
Dyin to get a sniff arent u ... well NO , u havent fnished my last test yet1
Last test?? Surpirse Surprise slaves.. u can'nt become a slave for godess katrina so easily now can u ? Wait for it in a soon coming edition by Mistress Tanya (Blog Owner's wife)

Kiss My Ass Bitch!

Kiss My Ass                 

 Dont u want to kiss my niceround ass bitch?? 

I really dont belive u deserve to kiss my ass yet , first , give me a 100 worship strokes. U have to work that cock for me , slap it 100 times , then kneel lower and beg to show u my sweet goddess round ass.
 Ohu really wanna see my ass now dont u ? Im gonna tease u , Kneel here , infront ofme.. and remmeber the shock chastity cell phone?? hehe.. i love to torture u with it!
Kneel bitch , and bow down to my feet and get up and repeat the same , WORSHIP ME bitch! U wanna see my behind , really bitch u wanna see??
  Not just yetsee somethin rising to attention , very good , cause i like nice hard toys to kick and spit on. This is really temptin u isnt it , denyin u the complete pleasure of looking at my bootaliciuos ass. Well slave , uve been pretty obedient by vistin this site continuously for story updates , so here we go... Enjoy! U better be kneelin!
 Yeah bitch.. now this is wat u call an ass..You wanna kneel under it so that i can u se u as my chair and text ppl all day long.. Haha.. U pathetic loser , just born to be under my ass..Consider it a treat as u have to devote urself alot more to me just to look at my pictures..My ass ir ur god.

 Now , just kneel with ur nose 2 inches away from my ass. YOU WILL NOT KISS IT UNTILL I TELL U . I  hope im clear on da bitch.. im gonna select some clothes for myself now.. so my boyfreind can tear them apar while u just kiss my ass ;)
 Dats it slave. watch how a real man makes love. U can only please me by destroyin urself and hurtin ur stupid lil cock to entertain me,,just a lil.. i hate the sight of u even.. but when ur on a leash tied with oneend on ur cock and the other on my anklet..its so funny to watch u crawl behind me naked in publoc like dat..haha.. BITCH!
 Now kiss d feet that rule your whole exisence bitch. and everyday , read these stories and worship me.. no jerking off without my permission. Bye slut.

Hey bitch , welcome to the beach!

Hey bitch , welcome to the beach!
 You would love to be my pet dog would'nt u ? Common doggy , lets play fetch.
i will kick the ball and u will run like a dog a fetch it for me with ur mouth! if u dont get it back in 10sec , Whack! im gonna smack u on ur balls.


 And.. here we go bitch.. lets start playin.. make sure u have ur shock chastity and leash on on...

 Good boy.. that was quick.. now place the ball below my right heel.
Now lick my toes clean.. i don like the dirt all over my feet. Hurry up Dog. Follow me to my seat now , the sun's gonna tan my sexy body. Don't forget the rule . Kiss my footsteps as u crawl behind me.

 haaa.. pathetic dogs like u deserve to kneel and serve superior goddess' like me. and there is no one else like me. Now , dog , get the lotion and apply it on my feet. Startin from my soles and slowly move upwards till my knees , u still dont deserve to touch my thighs yet.I want u to give me a good long foot massage while i enjoy my drink and the beatiful beach. Dogs lke u beg to give me a foot massage consider yourself lucky.


 See , even this guy, he , such a big tollywood star but his hands - on my feet! im the most superior human on this planet. He too begged to give me a foot massage. Doggie , u better do a good job , if u dont.. the shock chastity is always my best friend.

Remember , u were at the beach one day and saw me and all ur dreams came true and u asked me if u could be my slave.. this picture was from that day. Remember how u begged to worhsip my feet on the beach that afternoon. Remember how u gifted your soul to me? Well , i accepted and had no idea this was so much fun! Common dog , lets go home , i wanna be with my boyfreind , who has a real cock, not like yours.

 Now he knows how to treat a goddess like me. And you , kneel infront of us and kiss my feet. keep kissing them, dont stop unless i tell u to. I want each andevery toe worshipped. Me and my boyfreind are gonna have so much fun! You , simply be locked up in that thing of yours and watch us. You love to be denied dont u my fuckin dog.

 Me and him are gonna enter into my room now , so kiss my ass while i kiss him. I wantu to properly worship my ass cause thatswhere u belong , under my feet and under my ass , thats the place for u now for ur whole life , your whole existence is to please me and serve me in any way i wish. God is'nt fair is he?

Kneel to my feet biyatch!

Kneel to my feet bitch
I want u to kneel right here next to my feet. Common , i know you want to. Hurry up bitch.

 Now , see those divine goddess legs? Good , cause thats all your gonna do.
Kiss the floor near my heel. Lick every inch of it. Very good.
Your a piece of worthless shit do you know that? See my left foot above my shoe? dont you wish i would make u tiny and throw u between my feet and show all day long?
Haha !, don worry , never gonna happen, Cause u don deserve it!
come and kneel here now , infront of me head on my heel , while i watch the show and enjoy and have a good time with my boyfriend here. He's so much better than u. Your
just pathetic.
Oh babe , just hold my purse , this lil foot servant here doesnt know how to worship my feet. Stupid idiot. Hold this while im gonna whip his cock outta this show. I love to humiliate him infront of everyone.
 Haha slave , look at u down on the floor infront of me. Everyone is laughin at u . Now , im gonna spit in your mouth , so open up wide, its good entertainment for me and the crowd also. Thats it open wider !!
Haha!!! you suck , now im gonna whip your dirty lil cock infron of the whole world. 
Time to go slave , follow me , i forgot to carry your leash , so u'll have to crawl behind
 me fast!
Ive changed my mind , im gonna enjoy the show for a bit , while u do some shoe cleaning , clean my shoes bitch , every lil part , every fuckin inch , i don want any dirt here.
Now lick the other , u better do it right , or your gonna be electric shocked on ur cock's chastity via my cell phone! remember the latest technology i got to have some fun with u from london , one button on my phone and a 1000W shock on the chastity on ur cock , we know how much that smooths things down dont we?
 You know what , your doing a fine job with the cleaning , but i aint havin fun , Here we go , and Zaaap! im pressin the button! Zaaap! again , haha ! look at your cock twitch like a lil pony , its so fuckin funny, now im enjoyin this show . ZAAAP! Now lick faster and better.
 Ok slave! , time to go , kiss my feet for the last time now , and while im walkin out u kiss each and every footstep of mine , if u miss one also , well.. ur pain is only a button far away , heh. Let's go home bitch , i got a suprise waiting for u.